Notes off work.

I’m doing what TMO is doing. Giving up wa for Blot.

Snart kan du hitta den här bloggen på Jag tyckte det var kort och bra. Och det går att bygga en massa olika namn på den förkortningen. Allt jobb med sten till exempel, All jazz måste stöka eller Albatrossen jagar med stil. Det är lite valfritt. Du kan göra lite som du vill. Jag kommer att betrakta detta som min dagliga blogg. Godnatt. #personal #swedish

I didn’t get a great start this morning, only a few persons in my team were attending work. Therefore we had to step up a bit. It was okay, everyone did their best and we didn’t brake any deadlines. Tomorrow’s paper is going to be alright. The rest of the week will be tougher. Today we had some luck, but I wouldn’t hope for more of the same tomorrow.

I’m in Julita, a small place in the countryside. This is where I grew up. But my parent’s house is no more so when me and my wife and the kids go here we stay in the small summerhouse we got here. It’s a beautiful area. Every time I come here I become calm. It doesn’t matter how stressed I’ve been before, as soon as I get out of the car it’s gone. When I’m writing this I’m still in bed. It’s morning and the sun is shining outside. Next to me is my wife, still sleeping. In the room next door our twins are sleeping and in the room in the attic the teenager is hanging out. He’ll be sleeping for many hours still. I am getting out of bed in a couple of minutes to get out for a run. I really have to get my body going. I have been lazy for some weeks now and that’s not good for me. I have to exercise properly. I have no problems with obesity or something like that but my body doesn’t feel good when I’m not exercising regularly. Ok. Enough of this. Sunday is runday. #running #torplife

Det är svårt att gilla tidsomställningen på våren. Normaltiden borde gälla alltid. Den här dagen vaknar jag alltid och känner mig ur fas. Jag hade tänkt att sporta i dag, springa en lång sväng i lugn takt men kroppen känns inte bra. Jag har ont i huvudet och kan inte motivera mig. Men kanske en promenad hjälper. En promenad brukar få det mesta att kännas bättre. Det är något med rörelsen, utomhusluften och att det är svårt att fastna i tankarna när man samtidigt går. Så får det bli. På med en jacka som tål lite väta, ett par stadiga skor och kanske någonting värt att lyssna på i lurarna. Eller så kanske en familjemedlem vill följa med ut. Då blir det en walk and talk, det nya hanging out.

Monday went by fast. It was a good start of this week. Tomorrow is a completely different thing though. I have loads of work to do. And it will be stressful as hell. Several deadlines, many people involved, no room for mistakes. Luckily I have colleagues around me willing to make everything go as smooth as possible. At this time tomorrow hopefully I will feel more relaxed.


Went for a walk with my wife earlier. It was dark outside but calm and not as cold as the days before. We passed this house that looks like the Deathstar.

Went to one of Stockholm’s skateparks today with daughter. We took our bikes just me and her. No one else wanted to go. I don’t skate myself but I like that she does. I want to encourage her. My cousin called me during the ride. He and his daughter came along. The girls had a great time and me and my cousin got a chance to drink coffee and hang out for a couple of hours. We talked about work, politics and the latest news about We had a great time. It was exactly what I needed. One of the greatest dangers with this pandemin is that you stop seeing friends and family and never do anything fun together with other people.

#covid19 #stockholm

Det är det bästa godiset. Lakrits, choklad och mint. Mint är inget jag egentligen gillar men i kombination med det andra är de där dragerade mintkulorna perfekta. Russin i choklad måste vara det mest arkaiska ingrediensen av dem alla. Har alltid älskar russin dock.

I've been trying out for a while. I don't like the writing experience as much as I like but the community is very nice, MB people are very friendly. I wrote a short piece about my day that you can read here if you like. There is also a couple of pictures. When we got home (me, my wife and the wins) we had some sushi and I also ate a whole bag of Bridgeblandning, the best candy ever. Candy for grandmas they use to say. If that's true I'm happy to be an old granny.

#saturday #torplife

The vaccinations in Stockholm aren’t going as fast as predicted. Today’s backlash when it comes to Astra Zeneca will slow down things even more. This is the biggest news story right now, when all Swedes aged 18 or more will get there vaccine. The plan is that all adults will get their vaccine before June 30, but that’s starting to feel way too optimistic. But all we can do is wait and see. One good thing is that spring is coming. The light in the morning, the smell of things waking up outside and that buzzing feeling in your body telling you things will be better. I love springtime. It’s actually better than summer.

#stockholm #covid19 #spring

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